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Villaggio Santa Elisabetta Nursing Home

The Villaggio Santa Elisabetta nursing home is located between Bressanone and Varna, in northern Italy, and will serve these cities and Luson (16 km to the northeast). The project, developed by Pinearq with the Italian studios Cooprogetti and Solarraum, is in the design phase. The facility aims to achieve sustainable development from five different and complementary issues: the verification of comfort and low impact on the built and natural environment – environmental sustainability –, the efficiency of mechanical and electrical systems – energy sustainability –, and social, managerial and economic sustainability.

The nursing home must be related to a residential context characterized by buildings of limited heights. The proposal, then, is structured as a neighbourhood of low-rise buildings that create courtyards between them. The central plaza gives access to the day-centre to establish very close relationships with the neighbourhood, so that meeting times are built with the users of the residential complex. The plaza is also defined by a multi-story building, which is partially above the day-centre, which includes a self-sufficient senior housing.

The project under development responds to the guidelines of the architectural principles of the KDA (Kuratorium Deutsche Antershilfe), the German model for fifth-generation residences for elderly people, based on three fundamentals: life in privacy, life in community, and life in society. The basic idea is to create a community, with the care and support of nursing service, to allow people to experience safety and normality. With this typology, it is possible to create independent areas to isolate, quickly and easily, sick patients due to pandemic causes.

Albert de Pineda

Nicola Paltrinieri, Raffaella Scorziello, Lorenzo Marchi, Nicola Baldassarre, Giovanna Pomo
Vicolo Santa Elisabetta, 2-12, Varna (Italia)

11.964 m2


Comune di Bressanone