A space adapted to their needs, updated and of exceptional quality

We are aware that the process of building or renovating a healthcare space can be overwhelming. This is why we offer our experience to find out what is needed and how best to do it. We are dedicated to accompanying our clients from the beginning to obtain the best result: a space adapted to their needs, updated and of exceptional quality.

Architecture directly influences the quality of life of all people

In the conception of any project, characteristics that create favourable conditions for physical and mental balance must be considered. Architecture directly influences the quality of life of all people. This idea must be translated into solutions that take the advantages of technology, context and the specific tools of architecture to create spaces that serve and inspire a wide variety of people. This idea, too, must respond to the financial concerns of our customers.

From the initial briefing to the delivery of the building

We take care of everything

We are convinced of our responsibility as architects to advocate for sustainable design. We work closely with professionals in installations, structures, landscaping, interior design, industrial design, technical architecture and urban planning. Above all, we expand the teams according to the needs of each project.
Being a multidisciplinary architecture studio, we take care of the project from the initial preparation of the commission to the complete delivery of the building for its operation.
Although we focus on the design and construction of healthcare centres, laboratories and universities, we also offer architectural design and construction services for other facilities: Museums, markets, offices, libraries, convention centres, headquarters for international organizations, stages for shows, auditoriums, administrative buildings, or cafeterias.
Pinearq handles:
  • Strategic planning: We create strategies from a multidisciplinary perspective bringing together spatial design at multiple scales, new analysis tools and up-to-date knowledge on the evolution of technology and services.
  • Architectural design: We provide complete design services, beginning with preparing the initial documentation to organize and coordinate the commission. We dive in the actual development of projects, select materials and plan costs, and prepare all documents for construction. We also offer consultancy on sustainable architecture.
  • Construction management: We have extensive experience in controlling and managing construction procedures. We take care of the entire process of building, plan the execution, and coordinate health and safety issues at the site.
  • Program and project consulting: We help make strategic decisions on infrastructure and investment for the future based on technical evaluations. We accompany our clients in financial planning, energy efficiency strategies, operating process models, and mobility studies for large-scale facilities.

BIM methodology

With BIM, the parts are thought of as a whole, seeking to reuse spaces and materials.

We are pioneers in the use of the BIM methodology. For more than 10 years, we have incorporated this methodology in the development of all projects to be able to develop them with a global vision of the complete lifespan of a building: from the initial planning, the preliminary study phase, the architectural design, the construction development, and the maintenance management of the building. It means that all professionals work in a single digital model in a collaborative and orderly manner, so the work is organized before starting. It is a tool that allows to put aside repetitive tasks and focus the time on what matters most in design: thinking and creating. The project is worked up in three dimensions, which require making informed decisions and thinking about all the details before the construction process.

BIM consists of constructing the building without laying a brick, which translates into saving time, promoting the exchange of information, and visualizing progress. At the same time, it is a simple way to give transparency to the design process and document it: it is a way to reduce CO2 emissions from the moment the first line is drawn, during construction and also throughout the useful life of the building. With BIM, the parts are thought of as a whole, seeking to reuse spaces and materials.

That is why we insist co-creation is essential: the experience in a space is collective and that is how the development of architectural design should be. We stand out for going beyond the traditional, for being transparent in our work and for mixing different perspectives: what matters to us, from the beginning, is the comfort of all the future users of the buildings in which we are involved. The humanization and co-creation of the projects include the perspective of the client and the activities that the users will carry out in the spaces.

Teaching and researching

In addition to offering specialized consulting services, the experience acquired during these years of collaborative work allows us to formulate workshops, conferences and masterclasses. Both Albert de Pineda and Inma Casado, Paula Pestana, Raúl García and Roberto Cortés are regular guests at different seminars and teach classes in specialized master’s degrees in healthcare architecture.

Our effort in teaching and researching has allowed us to move forward steadily. Our clients are, mainly, the technical departments of the autonomous communities, the ministries of health and education of the countries where we are implanted, private hospital groups, universities and laboratories.