Pinearq, architecture studio in Barcelona

Pinearq is a company born in Barcelona, an innovative city recognized for its urban spaces values and the architectural quality of its buildings. We are proud to share and export a way of doing architecture reflecting the history of Barcelona.

We are proud to contribute to the construction of the city. Despite working internationally, both in the rest of Europe and in Asia, Africa and America, Barcelona continues to be the company’s headquarters. The Mediterranean character of the city, its creativity in facing urban transformations and a recognized architecture born from these premises, have also shaped Pinearq’s healthcare design.


and sustainability

We are accredited

ISO 9001 quality seal, ISO 14001 environmental management seal, and ISO 45001 occupational health and safety seal.

In Pinearq, the management of quality, the environment and risk prevention are integrated into a single system which achieves the optimisation and minimisation of time and resources, improvements in management, greater participation and trust among staff, meaning satisfaction both for workers and for suppliers and clients.

The financial sustainability of the projects is fundamental to Pinearq. For this reason, we concentrate on collaborative architectural work supported by advanced design programmes; we offer specialised consultancy services to define business strategies in the world of health; we supervise construction works of various dimensions; we design the environment and signage of spaces in health architecture; we collaborate in the development of first-class facilities centred on the welfare of their users.


We respect this principles when developing any project.

From years of practice, research and participation in teaching, we have defined the principles which we respect when developing any project and their application can be complex in public buildings of high performance – although they deal with basic principles which seem evident:


We are a multidisciplinary team where users are active partners from the beginning of the design process.

A project, a place

We do not believe in generic architecture but in specific projects for unique places: a urban, connected and open architecture.

Landscape and light

We adopt biophilic design strategies so that nature and natural light are part of the buildings.

High technology on a human scale

We humanize complex buildings by designing them for the diversity that all users represent.

Modularity and mutability

We trust in a structural modularity to allow designing buildings to last but that evolve and adapt to changes.

History and location

The prestige of the studio is due to its founder, to the various professionals who work and have worked here, but also to the city, Barcelona. Pinearq is an international benchmark in the design of healthcare architecture that is projected from and with the city.

The architect Albert de Pineda founded Pinearq in 1997 with the idea of applying the knowledge acquired in the public sector to the private sector. Albert was a municipal architect for the Barcelona City Council between 1978 and 1984 and then worked as project manager at the Institut d’Assistència Sanitària of the Generalitat de Catalunya until he founded the company.

In 1998, the quantity surveyor Inma Casado joined the office and helped establish an integrated architecture and construction management service. Thus, from the beginning, Pinearq proposes a collaborative work, of quality and with agility in the proposals.

Although the firm’s staff is constantly expanding and renewing, project managers started working at the firm when they were studying for their degree. That is why we are proud to have a consolidated, diverse and multifaceted team, capable of designing everything from a car park to a state-of-the-art laboratory. Although 80% of the team are architects and quantity surveyors, we have other professionals who allow us to give a transdisciplinary response to each activity of our projects: industrial designer, economist, mathematician and textile designer.

Since the studio’s inception, Pinearq has produced innovative, practical, elegant and sustainable architecture. The main objective is to provide a creative solution to our clients with flexibility, modularity and nature as basic design principles. We define ourselves as a studio with three slopes: the development of design and construction projects; the investigation of materials and prefabricated construction forms for unique buildings; and teaching to transmit our knowledge and expertise.

Digitization has been a key element in the development of the company. The introduction of the BIM methodology (Building Information Modelling) 10 years ago, has allowed the growth and coordination of teams, both in projects in Barcelona and in other cities around the world. In addition, it has allowed multidisciplinary collaboration with international teams and with the different associations that we have made with local engineers and architects.

The office is designed for a collective and dynamic work: a single space in which we all have access to and are accessible to all. We remain convinced that it is the secret of innovation and experience. It is the way to expose ourselves to the work of others and to share knowledge. We still believe in cross-pollination: the exchange of ideas builds strong teams and transforms the work environment. In addition, an attitude of continuous learning is encouraged and maintained. Every Friday, in the Divendres de Sessió, we share and discuss ongoing projects, won and lost competitions, updates on circular materials and processes, and invite friends and external collaborators to explain challenges and critical decisions in their architecture, urban planning and landscaping.