arquitectura hospitalaria

State University of Haiti Hospital

Following the earthquake of 2010, the university hospital in Port-au-Prince has had to be entirely rebuilt. Situated near the Faculty of Medicine and the city centre development area, this project is for the construction of two buildings: one volume for the hospital and the other for services such as pharmacy, shop, laboratories and kitchen. This separation can give problems in connecting functions and, for this reason, a bridge between the two buildings is proposed.

The principal hospital building is organised in two parts separated by a long space, triple height, which is used for circulation. The functions of each area are grouped n modules divided by inner patios. The façades and finishes of the buildings are designed to be roofed but not closed in order to achieve greater comfort and energy saving in the spaces.

Albert de Pineda, Jorge Batesteza
Roberto Cortés, Lluís Hernández, Pedro Pombinho, Ariadna Pérez, Alexandra Demetriu, Jenicá Craiu, Daniel Linares
89, Rue Oswald Durand, Port-au-Prince (Haití)

25.000 m2


Ministerio de Economia y Finanzas de la República de Haití
STATIC Ingeniería S.A.
Atoms S.L.
ENNE-Gestión Activa de Proyectos (Inmaculada Casado, Albert Bonaventura, Beatriz Álvarez, Daniel Rivera, Eduardo Jarque)
UTE Elecnor-Teyco