arquitectura hospitalaria

Biokit Laboratories

This project responds to development in phases. The first develops more than half the area and when volumes are added this should not affect the activities or the users of the parts already built.

The building is structured from an axis line which, like a street, connects a series of formally independent but functionally complementary pavilions. Thus the modular buildings and patios allow for long façades which improve the ventilation and illumination of the laboratories. The internal modulation, however, allows changes of use for areas of research, production or office, depending on the needs at the time.

Albert de Pineda, Esteve Bonell, Josep M. Gil
Marc Gomà, Roger Parareda, Pedro Pombinho, Matthieu Buquet, Maria Duran, David Sesé
Jordi Anguera
Can Montcau, s/n, Lliçà d’Amunt (España)

60.000 m2


JG Ingenieros S.A.
JG Ingenieros S.A.
ENNE-Gestión Activa de Proyectos (Inmaculada Casado, Daniel Rivera)
Sacyr S.A.U.