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La Marina Market

The Marina-Zona Franca district was transformed in depth with industrial uses being replaced by new homes, streets and green zones.  The old Port market no longer met the needs of the population, so it was modernised, given a change of name and relocated. So a plaza was created with a children’s play area and, below it, the new La Marina market.

To get to the market there are two large opposite entrances from plaza level. The façade is composed of large protected windows and mobile timber doors. The plaza completes the block and forms a large area of repose shaded by trees.

Albert de Pineda

Albert Vitaller
Pg. de la Zona Franca 178, Barcelona (España)

2.535 + 4.885 urb. m2


Institut Municipal de Mercats de Barcelona (IMMB)
Inardi-Ingenieros Arquitectura y Diagnosis S.A.
Inardi-Ingenieros Arquitectura y Diagnosis S.A.
ENNE-Gestión Activa de Proyectos (Inma Casado)
NECSO Entrecanales Cubiertas SA (Acciona)