arquitectura hospitalaria

Santa Caterina Hospital

2005 Architecture Award of the Girona Region

The Santa Caterina hospital is the second phase of the Martí i Julià hospital park, located in Salt. The existing gardens lead to the design, so pavilions were created and were linked by patios that connect the natural environment with the interior spaces. This premise also allows a clear understanding of the location of the activities by the users.

On the one hand, a low-rise building is proposed considering the present structures in the area. On the other hand, the open organization of pavilions and spaces allows the modification of the building according to future needs. This plan lets natural light and external views to increase comfort. Likewise, from the lobby, the public direction is structured to improve the circulation of external and internal patients.

Albert de Pineda, Manuel Brullet
Alfonso de Luna, Albert Vitaller, M. Àngels Manchado

Lluís Casals

Avda. Doctor Castany, 90, Salt (España)

27.404 m2


Institut d’Assistència Sanitària (IAS)
Manuel Arguijo
JG Ingenieros
Francesc Xurigué, Valeri Consultors