arquitectura hospitalaria

Quirónsalud Hospital in Barcelona

The layout of the Quirón hospital is in response to the urban consolidation environment where it is located: at a large road junction point on the west side of Barcelona. The main entrance is arranged to face the new landscaped plaza; there is also a shopping area which functions independently and supplements the hospital services.

The shape of the building responds, on the one hand, to the needs of the functional plan and, on the other, to the topography. This has made it possible to have direct access from the street to various floors. In the underground part a service patio has been created around the whole building to comply with regulations on emergency evacuation.

Albert de Pineda, Manuel Brullet

Xavier Llambrich, Alfonso de Luna, Patricio Martínez, Silvia Salueña, Albert Vitaller, Pau Calleja, Juan García, Marc Gomà, Gerardo Solera

Fernando Guerra

Plaça d’Alfonso Comín 5-7, Barcelona (España)

57.775 m2


Grupo Hospitalario Quirón, S.A.
Manuel Arguijo
JG Ingenieros S.A.
ENNE-Gestión Activa de Proyectos (Inmaculada Casado, Rafa Heredia, David Sobrino, Albert Bonaventura, Eduardo Jarque)
Dragados – Vias