arquitectura hospitalaria

Pediatric Cancer Center in Sant Joan de Déu Hospital

The new Paediatric Cancer Center in Sant Joan de Déu hospital is set at the northwest border of the city, on one of the main arterial roads and with its back to the mountain which limits Barcelona. The centre occupies the existing teaching building; for this project the present arrangement and layout are changed, using the gradient to provide more height, unifying the façade and providing a passageway to connect with the main hospital building.

The renovation and extension are being done in stages. The external cladding is maintained and supplemented with a ventilated façade in the extended areas. The change is emphasised by extending the windows and with vertical elements for protection from the sun.

Albert de Pineda

Roberto Cortés, Carla Romagosa, Begoña Rodríguez, Jenicá Craiu, Alexandra Demetriu
Pg. de Sant Joan de Déu, 2, Esplugues de Llobregat (España)

13.196 m2


Ordre dels Germans de Sant Joan de Déu i Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu de Barcelona
Serra Capmany Enginyeria
ENNE-Gestión Activa de Proyectos (Inmaculada Casado, Esther Cabané, Daniel Rivera, Eduardo Jarque)

Aitor Estévez & Wifredo Meléndrez