arquitectura hospitalaria

New Hospital in Pordenone

The Pordenone hospital complex is located in an urban consolidation area, limited by a solid wall and comprising various pavilions of different ages. The new building is set within the complex and is proposed as the part where the hospital opens towards the city. In this context, the public are offered the opportunity of visiting the building to use the common areas: take a coffee, see an exhibition or buy flowers.

The principal façade projects towards the street and extends over the entrance to protect pedestrians. The vestibule is glass-framed and accessed from a paved plaza.

On the four volumes the large rotating windows of the inpatient rooms stand out. This gesture gives the building the homely warmth desired for the project.

Albert de Pineda, Politecnica Ingegneria e Architettura
Raffaella Scorziello, Nicola Paltrinieri, Elisa Molinu, Giovanna Pomo, Alexandra Demetriu, Jenicá Craiu, Giuseppe Cacozza, Claudia Romero, Barbara Frascari, Claudio Pongolini
Via Montereale 24, Pordenone (Italia)

71.156 m2


Azienda per l’Assistenza Sanitaria
Steam S.R.L.
UTE Cooperativa Muratori e Braccianti di Carpi (CMB) – Polese