arquitectura hospitalaria

Monopoli-Fasano Hospital

To serve 264,000 users, the new Monopoli-Fasano hospital is being built within the municipal territory of Monopoli (near Bari, southern Italy), in an intermediate position between the urban centers of Monopoli and Fasano.

The starting point was the place analysis, a landscape of monumental olive and carob trees; therefore, a clear and coherent insertion in the territory is sought. The building respects the landscape natural characteristics and defines a new model for a sustainable healthcare centre. We propose a short building, a single volume of functionally connected blocks, but arranged autonomously. These blocks are organized according to a comb-shaped scheme: at the northeast axis of the site, smaller volumes are hooked perpendicularly to the main body. The gaps that are created between the blocks become patios that introduce the landscape in the building, as a way to maximize solar lighting and natural ventilation inside the hospitalization units. All of this so the patient is offered a high-environmental quality in common spaces, interior itineraries, and resting areas. The physical and visual integration of green areas in all spaces favours a human-centred building with environmental control, which represents a distinctive character in this therapeutic experience.

Pinearq, Saito
Albert de Pineda, Mauro Saito, Raffaella Scorziello, Nicola Paltrinieri, Elisa Molinu, Giovanna Pomo, Nicola Baldasarre, Alexandra Demetriu, Jenicá Craiu, Margherita Valente, Salvatore Dentamaro, Lorenzo Marchi.
70043 Monopoli, Ciudad Metropolitana de Bari, Monopoli (Italia)

72.029 m2


Azienda Sanitaria Locale Bari
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