arquitectura hospitalaria

Saint Vincent and The Grenadines Hospital

Pinearq, together with Mallol Arquitectos, is designing the new State Reference Hospital. This is a project financed by the World Bank under the Regional Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project.

The new State Reference Hospital will be built to replace the existing centre, therefore it was necessary to find a suitable location to the country’s hospital system demands and to include all the requirements of a modern facility. For this, it is decided to take the old runway of the Arnos Vale airport. Hence, the future urban development of this area is planned to accommodate various activities, with this healthcare centre as the starting point for this development.

The design of the new hospital is taking into account all the necessary measures to withstand possible natural disasters, very frequent on the island. This project has involved the review of previous planning and a co-design strategy which involved the medical staff that will occupy the building. In addition, BIM resources have been used to advance the automation of Pinearq’s technical routines.

Pinearq, Mallol Arquitectos

Albert de Pineda, Lluís Hernández, Gustavo López, Begoña Rodríguez, Carla Romagosa, Alexandra Demetriu, Jenicá Craiu

Antigua pista del aeropuerto ET Joshua, Arnos Vale (Saint Vincent and The Grenadines)

20.000 m2


MOEP Gobierno de Saint Vincent and The Grenadines