arquitectura hospitalaria

Hedwigshöhe Hospital

This hospital is located in Falkenberg, a district in the suburbs of Berlin. The project had to fit into the dense urban space, on the one hand, and the natural landscape, on the other. The extension of the hospital, in the form of a horizontal volume, contrasts with the less dense and more dispersed buildings proposed for the modules of the new psychiatric section; these patio houses are based on community-dwelling models.

The different parts of the hospital centre are grouped around a plaza; the terraced garden of the Vila Buntzel, to the east of the complex, recovers its original baroque structure. This area is left free, without buildings, so that the green zone can be enjoyed for therapeutic purposes.

Albert de Pineda, Manuel Brullet + Huber Staudt Architekten
Alfonso de Luna, M. Àngels Manchado, Anna Fabregas

Werner Huthmacher

Höhensteig 1, Berlín (Alemania)

30.000 m2


St. Hedwig Kliniken Berlin GmbH
ENNE-Gestión activa de proyectos (Inmaculada Casado)