arquitectura hospitalaria

Gema Clinic

The project for Gema Clinic consisted of adapting an existing industrial building to the programmatic needs of a healthcare centre. The façade was modified, a new roof was built, the structure was adapted, and the interior was completely emptied to accommodate the new equipment.

The building is located in an urban industrial area in Mataró, a municipality 30 kilometres from Barcelona, located on the Mediterranean coast. Once the old building was vacant, the refurbishment works consisted of organizing the essential spaces for radiology and ambulatory surgery.

In the basement, heavy equipment was placed for the radiology area, with waiting rooms, reception, some medical offices, and technical facilities. On the ground floor are offices for diverse medical specialties, along with the admissions area and a waiting area. The first floor is for outpatient treatment and the second for administrative and management.

Albert de Pineda

Raúl García

Jean Craiu

Camí Ral de la Mercè, 657, Mataró (España)

2.532 m2


Clínica Gema
STATIC Ingeniería S.A.
ENNE-Gestión Activa de Proyectos, S.L.P. (Inmaculada Casado, Daniel Rivera, Eduardo Jarque)