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Cluj-Napoca Integral Transplant Centre

Pinearq, together with the Romanian studio Dico si Tiganas, won the first prize in an international and open competition, carried out in 2020, that registered one of the highest entries in recent years in Romania: 44 participants. The premise behind the new Comprehensive Transplant Centre in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) is to establish a highly functional, efficient centre, but above all to create city. The new building has to be permeable and serve as a connection with the surroundings.

The project occupies a site on the edge of the University Hospital Complex, a historical site in a consolidated area of the city. The immediate environment comprises a mix of low-rise buildings and emblematic green areas such as the Botanical Garden. In this context, the new building strengthens its position with a double-height porch that responds to the adjoining cornices and connects with the existing Cartesian grid by means of the composition of various squares. Two elongated volumes, perpendicular to each other, extend from this platform to house the variety of uses necessary for the functioning of the new transplant centre. To reduce the impact of these prisms on the environment, fragmented façades with galleries allow views of the landscape.

The project sets out to create a healing environment, where natural light and biophilia are fundamental in the design. This concept points to the positive impact of nature on the recovery of patients, so public areas, patient rooms, recovery rooms and spaces for staff are all open and in direct contact with natural light and vegetation.

Pinearq + Dico si Tiganas +

Autor: Albert de Pineda, Jean Craiu, Alexandra Demetriu, Serban Tiganas, Alexandrina Kiss > Colaboradores: Giovanna Pomo, Bogdan Dragomir, Maria Buiga, Elisa Molinu, Pedro Pombinho, Carla Romagosa

Strada Victor Babeș 39-31, Cluj-Napoca (Rumanía)

47.000 m2


Consiliul Judetean Cluj