arquitectura hospitalaria

Beatriz Ângelo Hospital

The new hospital at Loures, a municipality to the north of Lisbon, is located in a growing part of this city. The building is in two rectangular bodies, related by means of a sequence of internal patios, perpendicularly interlinked by three volumes. The main entrance is marked by a large covered plaza with the pedestrian routes in the area.

The layout of the hospital with respect to its surroundings responds to a search for the best views to the outside and for protection against noise for the neighbours. The interior is laid out with independent entrances for the different types of users and functions.

Albert de Pineda, Miguel Saraiva
Paula Pestana, Luis Barros, José Olagüe

Fernando Guerra

Av. Carlos Teixeira, 514, Loures (Portugal)

90.375 m2


SGHL (Sociedad Gestora Hospital Loures)
HL-Construção, ACE (Mota Engil / Opway)