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The seminar was organized by the Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Azienda per l'Assitenza Sanitaria, and was held in the Auditorium della Regione FVG. Different people involved in the healthcare sector took part, such as Maurizio Mauri - director of Humanitas Hospital in Milan and president of CNETO - who presented the Pordenone project within the social and epidemiological context of the new medicine: as a modern healthcare centre that looks to the future and a fundamental reference for services that take the centre as an ally and a stimulus for the city development -in terms of welfare and territory.

Edino Valcovich - university professor at the Università degli Studi di Trieste - spoke about Pienarq’s and Albert de Pineda’s experience in the design of healthcare facilities: complex buildings that interact and integrate with the urban context and the architecture of the city; open buildings that improve the public space and transform the healing process into a social activity.

Albert de Pineda explained the concepts that determine the new Pordenone hospital: its integration with the city; the relationship between public and private spaces; the creation of domesticated spaces through attention to natural light, vegetation, the use of warm materials, and respect for the patient's privacy.

Other lecturers were engineer Stefano Setti, architect Luigi Cesca, engineer Paolo Muratori, engineer Mauro Strada, engineer Roberto Davoli, and engineer Alessio Baldoni.

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