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The residence for the elderly must relate to a residential context characterized by limited heights buildings. The proposal, then, is structured as a neighborhood of low-rise buildings that create patios between them. The central square gives access to the day care to establish very close relationships between the two realities, to turn this new space into a support centre for the community.

The plaza is also defined by a multi-storey building, partially above the day center, which includes apartments for self-sufficient seniors. Also, outdoor green areas are designed as public spaces for all neighbors, with the idea of building meeting points together for the Villaggio users.

We implemented the KDA architectural principles in this stage of the design. The Kuratorium Deutsche Antershilfe is a German model for fifth-generation retirement homes. The basic idea of this 5.0 treatment is to create a domestic community, with the care and support of a nursing service, allowing people to experience safety and normality. The model is based on three principles: life in privacy , life in community, and life in society.

Also, we estimated the building's energy performance to meet the certification issued by the Italian agency CasaClima. We are aware that only through the definition of materials, technologies and design is possible to configure buildings with a very low energy consumption and that respect the environment.

Images: Pinearq