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With this proposal, the team proposes the construction of a Hospital 4.0, a Smart Hospital connected to the territory and easily adaptable to the needs of the large scale to which it must serve. These are the key elements: -Connected hospital: an infrastructure that generates and processes data about its operation. -Connected staff: physicians and health personnel generate relevant information about their needs and their location, which allows producing a detailed knowledge of the healthcare model and their workflows within the hospital. -Connected patient: patients can connect to different systems to accelerate their recovery, improve their experience, receive relevant information, or establish a more dynamic communication with the medical staff.

The new healthcare complex will create a strong and visible symbol as a modern and tangible structure for Salerno. It is a hospital open to the territory, with high-level hospitality, with advanced equipment and technologies, effective and efficient management, with research and teaching as fundamental elements.

The design proposal aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Humanization: with the patient in the centre of the system;
  2. Usability: comfort in common areas;
  3. Urbanity: assignment in areas of maximum usability in the emergency phase;
  4. Social: a hospital open to volunteers and citizens by leaving space for socio-cultural activities to support the patient;
  5. Organization: effectiveness for diagnosis and therapy is integrated with environmental logistics, aimed at flexible hospitalization, centralized services and interdisciplinary research;
  6. Interactivity: openness to the territory;
  7. Adequacy: differentiated healthcare spaces;
  8. Reliability: preparation and professionalism of operators through lifelong learning, quality control, verification of routes and intra-hospital synergies;
  9. Innovation: a hospital with equipment and advanced technologies, especially in terms of interactivity and ease of use of new ICT applications;
  10. Research and education: the hospital as a place of scientific research and continuous updating.

Images: Josep Villanueva Studio