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Aware of the sector’s rapid digitization, Albert de Pineda says that Internet of things (IoT) “allows developing a more collaborative, comprehensive management processes with various agents involved from the beginning and in all phases. This technology admits analysing the complete procedure in real-time: design, construction and operation. In this sense, the Building Information Modeling (BIM) methodology allows all experts to work with the same model, on time and in continuous collaboration. All the information is in that model, in that digital twin.”

The magazine raises the question: within the European metropolises, which one has better growth scenarios? And in Spain? Albert de Pineda bets for the most hyperconnected and sustainable cities. “In Europe, North-European capitals and big cities have opted for these two invariants. In Spain, the cities will be Madrid, due to its centrality and its capacity for expansion, and the cities on the Mediterranean coast.""

In this edition, Pinearq offers its innovation services: DIN2BIM, a flexible and scalable solution to improve the design and management of large facilities. DiBi is a comprehensive 3D digitalization service for real estate assets, using BIM methodology and external data collection systems.