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Today was the inauguration of the parking lot at the new Pordenone Hospital. The parking lot is the first phase of Pinearq's work at Pordenone, which includes the new hospital and a sanitary building called Cittadella della Salute. 

The car park, which cost was 8 million euros, has 747 parking spaces distributed in two levels: a ground level for the public (352 spaces), and an underground of exclusive use for the hospital staff (395 spaces) that will have a direct connection with the hospital basement. 

The new site was inaugurated by the vice president of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, Sergio Bolzonello, with the presence of the general director of the Azienda per l'Assistenza Sanitaria n.5 Friuli Occidentale, Giorgio Simon, the regional councilors Maria Sandra Telasca and Paolo Panontin , the councilors of the City Council of Pordenone Cristina Amirante and Pietro Tropeano, the prefect of Pordenone Maria Rosaria Laganà, the bishop of the diocese of Concordia Pordenone Giuseppe Pellegrini together with don Bernardino De Col, the executives of Aas 5, the primary and representatives of the associations, Loretta De Col, the responsible for the Procedure, and on behalf of the contractor (the CMB-Polese UTE) and the CMB CEO Roberto Davoli.