For the Hospital del Mar expansion, we had the opportunity to incorporate the latest technical and design advances in surgical matters. Two new category B operating rooms have been constructed with suitable materials; also the implantation of new technologies has been controlled from the design.

The vinyl flooring marks the operation space and climbs the walls to form a half-round in the intersection. A RGD-LED light is incorporated in the vertical coating of laminar glass. This luminaire should project flush lights of different colors on the ground to generate shadows in various directions if they incite with strange particles. Thus, greater control of aseptic conditions is achieved and the preparation of the operating room is speeded up before each intervention.

The laminar glass of the walls is combined with polished stainless steel to integrate both the extraction racks and the medical and inmotic panels. The technical equipment is arranged around the operating table and suspended from the ceiling in five arms. These columns are organized around the laminar air diffuser, which has a linear RGB light frame that generates various ambient scenes.

The design integrates screens with tactile and voice control to manage the complex systems of surgical hardware and software. With them, procedures can be pre-configured to reduce intervention time, stress and the likelihood of errors. These controls also allow establishing various room scenes to speed up the rotation of all surgical equipments.

The technology goes beyond the physical space of the operating room. The control panel also manages an extensive system of room and endoscopic cameras. The images are transmitted to various 4K screens that surround the surgical space and can be sent through IP technology wherever they are needed. Thus, the follow-up of remote surgical procedures is achieved, which is an important advance for academic and healthcare assistance programs.

Check the video about the 4K-UHD operating room assembly at Hospital del Mar: